High Availability Solutions

At eSolutions and Marketing, we specialise in online marketing, web development and e-commerce, and understand the importance of high availability (HA) of your website and disaster recovery which can directly impact the financial health of your business.  We have created our HA solutions which is designed to provide as close to 100% uptime for your website as possible.

Does your website need a High Availability Solution?

Below are some reasons why your website needs a HA Solution:
  • Having even a short downtime for your website means losing revenue.  If you have a busy e-commerce website, any amount of downtime can translate to substantial lost in revenue.
  • You intend to invest money into advertisement which will generate a spike in website traffic.  Before you invest any money into advertisement for media such as television, radio, or even just Adwords, make sure your website can handle the surge in website traffic and continue to provide excellent user experience when they reach your website.  It is very common that website cannot handle a huge spike in traffic and will become unavailable losing sales and wasting the advertising budget.
  • To safe guard your investment.  After investing all the time and money on design, development, and online marketing, you will want your website to be fast, reliable, and alway online to reach its full potential.  Having downtime can have a negative impact on your SEO ranking which you have spent months and thousands of dollars to build.
  • You expect exponential growth for your online business.  You have an excellent business plan and have secured business investment and require a scalable solutions for your website.  Our HA solutions are modular and scalable, so you will not need to have a major update on your infrastructure when the expected growth happens.
  • You have an online application/service which requires 24/7 access.  Even if you do not have high volume of traffic, it can be that you host very important applications which require uninterrupted access for your users.
  • You just want your website to be up and online all the time.
These are many other reasons why your website may require a HA Solution.  If you are unsure, contact us and our consultant can help you find out if a HA Solution is needed for your website.

What type of High Availability Solutions do we offer?

We offer what we call True HA Solutions.  What this means is that we offer HA Solutions which can be a mixture of cloud and non cloud solutions.  For cloud solutions, we can help your website migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform such as EC2 and Google Cloud Computing.  These cloud services are HA Solutions themselves, but downtime still happens from time to time.  Our True HA solutions can load balance between these cloud services and off the cloud servers with a live backup which your website can failover to in the unlikely event these large cloud providers experience any down time.
Our minimum HA setup will consist of the following:
  • Minimum of 2 Load Balancing Servers.
  • Minimum of 2 Web Servers.
  • Mimimum of 3 MySQL Server.  You have the option of MySQL replication or MariaDb Galera Cluster depending on the requirement of your website.
  • Website monitoring services from servers at multiple locations.  We do not just monitor uptime of the server, but the content of the website as well.  Our HA Solutions can detect and switch to the backup server if we detect error for your website.
  • CloudFlare integration which will provide basic DDoS protection for your website and allow us to do quick disaster recovery.  If your website ever become popular, chances are you are going to experience some sort of DDoS attack sooner or later.  Don't wait until your website becomes the victim of a DDoS before you consider DDoS protection.
  • Interface (Control Panel) to monitor the HA status and manually test the HA setup.
Our standard HA Solutions are designed to be affordable and accessible to SMB. Contact us today and see how we can help your online business grow!