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Premium Web Hosting

eSolutions has become known worldwide for great service and prices for many years. Our new service that we offer after the acquisition of ANS Communications offers premium Australian based servers for web hosting.

The service is cost effective, fast, reliable, not overloaded with thousands of websites and has all of the functionality required to make a website successful.

Quality web hosting is very important for your online business since having downtime can cause loss of revenue, have negative effect on your SEO ranking, and using a bad web host can have security implication for your website.

eSolutions / ANS Communications web hosting offers the following features:

99.99% Uptime Guarantee
High Quality, High Speed World Wide Web Hosting and we are prepared to back that up with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

MySQL Cluster and Load Balancer
All our web hosting accounts come with access to our MySQL Cluster.  Our standard MySQL replication setup uses a minimum of 3 MySQL servers located at 3 different data centres with 2 load balancers for maximum availability.  SSL connection is also available for your website and applications to connect to cluster for extra security.

Hassle free setup
We can do everything for you, no technical or special expertise is required on your part.  Easily transfer existing domains to eSolutions. Totally transparent transfer, the only change you will notice is the savings.

No job too big or too small, if you have a special requirements or have been told “it can’t be done” then relax, anything is possible. For special needs contact us directly for a consultation.  E-commerce, web applications, database driven sites, fixed IP’s, security, just ask.

High Availability Set-up

At eSolutions we understand the importance of uptime for your ecommerce website.  We have configured many high availability (HA) hosting solutions for our clients at the same time keeping it affordable.  Our setup includes standard DDos protection, load balancing, MySQL replication and clustering, and live backup with automatic failover if a problem is detected.  We can also help your website to move to the cloud for extra scalability.  If your website is important to you, talk to us today for a HA solution tailor for your online business today.


Our standard web hosting plans start from $22 / month including Content Delivery Network (CDN) with auto lossless image compression.