Startup businesses – what’s the best way to start?

Over the years we have developed websites for many startup businesses and one thing that stands out as a common problem, “The business tries to predict what the customers want without putting the product to market”.

In our opinion and our experience tells us that it is best to get the product to market as soon as possible and then refine the offering to suit the customer.

This can save thousands of dollars in development costs as you develop a product / site that customers want, rather than developing a site that misses the target.

If the site is built on a new domain, generally new domains take time for the major search engines to index, so getting the product to market sooner will enable the site to be indexed and to start appearing on the search engine results pages. Having all of your marketing content ready to go and then enabling customers to make enquires will help to define the correct content development direction.

Numerous times over the years in development, months of development time was wasted as the product offering was not suitable for the customer. Get the product to market sooner and reap the benefits.