Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing which involves optimisation of Organic Search Traffic through SEO and Paid Search Engine Traffic through major search engines.

Esolutions and Marketing have over 20 years of online marketing experience and we can help you generate targeted traffic to your website and market your products globally.  We will work with you to optimise your website and convert those traffic into sales.  At the same time we will educate you on how to effectively manage your online business and grow your brand.

The key to our success is to be able to collect data and measure every aspects of the online marketing campaigns.  Search Engine Markeing requires optimisation in many areas of your website and we will create action plans and implement them for you.  Some of the services we offer are listed Below.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We will optimise your website to increase Organic Search Traffic on keywords which will generate sales.  Our consultant will do extensive research to discover the best keywords for your online business and optimise your website to target those keywords.  Find out more about our SEO service by visiting this page.

Web Traffic and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We will provide comprehensive measurement and analysis of your online traffic to help you create action plans for your online business.  By studying your website vistor’s behaviour, we can help with conversion rate optimisation and increase the revenue generated by your web visitors.  It is important to improve on areas of your website which is not working, as well as areas which is already generating sales.  Turn the negative into a positive, and the positive into even bigger positive.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Optimisation

Our team are expert on PPC optimisation and will help you achieve instant result with your Search Engine Marketing.  Adwords, Bing and Yahoo PPC are can help your businesses generated targeted traffic instantly.  We will help you optmise your PPC campaigns and make sure you get the maximum level of Return of Investment (ROI).  Our PPC strategy is to achieve maximum ROI and at the same time use your PPC campaign data to help you improve your website and improve on your SEO and increase on returning customers.

We have developed a custom Analytical Applications which not only track on keywords and clicks, but it can be integrated with your shopping cart and/or CRM to continue to provide statistics so we can help you continually to improve your online business.  Don’t just measure ROI, we provide you a way to measure the Real Return of Investment (RROI), which is the ROI of the life time of the customer.  Plan your online marketing strategy not only on the original sale, but also on customer loyalty!  You can find more details on PPC here.

Social Media Marketing

At Esolutions and Marketing our team will help you connect with your audience through social media channels and help build your brand and increase your revenue.  Our consultants will help you understand and interact with your customers through Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.  We can help you develop strategy to increase your social media presence and this will lead to better customer loyalty.  Let us be your Social Media Representative to avoid any bad press.  Our specialists are also experts in Facebook Ads and devise campaigns to target specific audience and increase your brand awareness and can actually help with your SEO.  More details on our Social Marketing can be found here.

Web Design and Development

Our in-house designers and developers can help you improve the looks and add functionality which will improve the user experience of your website.  With all the services mentioned above, they require a professional team which get things done.  Our team of designers and developers can provide your services on time, and within your budget.  We don’t just analyse and plan your online business, we help you build it.  We can handle the full cycle of your online marketing so we will do it right and with measurable results every time.

To provide your business with a competitive advantage, contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities that our solution specialists can deliver.