The things to know about Pay Per Click (PPC) Premium Adverts

Google does not favour any company or person for positioning of premium adverts.  If it did eSolutions would go and buy the top positions for all keywords and sell them to you at a price premium, great business plan (and yes we did try it) but it is not going to happen!

While most other Internet Marketing companies will focus on how to bring in more clicks, at eSolutions and Marketing we have developed our custom Ad Analytical Software which will analyse every aspect of the PPC campaign and using the data to maximise your Return of Investment and help you create a successful online business!

Creating a Google Ad Account

When creating your ad campaign, we recommend not adding 100’s of keywords, all this will do is to reduce the visibility of keywords during major periods of the day to match your daily budget.  Impressions and click through rates are very important.  Impressions are the number of times your ads have been displayed for a particular keyword search (including by your competitors), so work on the 80/20 rule:

80% of your business is going to come from 20% of your keywords

Concentrate on positioning the keywords with the highest impressions and click through rates.

What can eSolutions do for me?

  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – The most common KPI’s are Impressions, Click Through Ratio (CTR) , Click Conversion Rate (CCR), and Return of Investment (ROI).  We will measure and optimise these KPI’s and work to achieve maximum level of ROI.
  • Measurable Return of Investment – You cannot optimise your PPC if you cannot measure the performance.  We have created a custom software to measure every single aspect of the keyword performance.  This allow us to help you find keywords with positive ROI and stop wasting your money on keywords with negative ROI.  Our custom software can integrate with your shopping cart software or CRM to give more detail reporting such as Real Return of Investment (ROI of investment over the life time of the customer).
  • Keyword research – find the keyword which provide the highest ROI and remove keywords which is just wasting your advertising budget.  In most cases, it is more import to remove the wasteful keywords as it can redirect those budget to focus on keywords with positive ROI.
  • Tweak keyword bid level to reach optimal ROI
  • Optimal profit margin for maximum ROI – our custom software can be integrated with your shopping cart to find the optimal profit margin for each of your product which will generate the maximum ROI.  Do you know by reducing your product’s profit margin it can actually lead to a higher ROI?  If you want to know more contact us and we will show you how.
  • Find the best combination of keyword and landing page which will produce the highest level of ROI
  • Discover which keywords will bring in optimimal level of Real Return of Investment (RROI).  Some keyword will lead to a single conversion.  We can find those keywords which will bring you recurring sales (loyal customers).
  • Landing page A/B testing to maximise your conversion rate for each landing page.
  • Discover keywords which not only have the best ROI, but also the highest level revenue.  Once we discover keywords with positive ROI, we also will compare them and focus on those with the highest search volumn.  A keyword with a $10 ROI per sale but a search volumn of 10 searches per month, is not as vaulable as a keyword with $8 ROI per sale, with a search volumn of 1000 searches per month.  Time is money, spend you time on keywords which provides the highest revenue stream.
  • Review Bid Simulator
  • Negative keyword managment
  • Detailed keyword reports with action plan for improvements
  • Optimise your Google Ads – we will design and optimise your ads to achieve the maximum click rate.  This will also improve on your ad’s “Quality Score”
  • Google Analytics reporting and consultancy
  • Generate monthly reports

For more ways that eSolutions can help your business contact us today or click here to view our Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Lastly as a foot note, your “Page Rank” in Google will not be affected by how much you pay or if you are included in Google Adwords.  This is based purely on link relevance and content structure.

To provide your business with a competitive advantage, contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities that our solution specialists can deliver.