Search engine optimisation is almost the single most important factor in developing a website. Detailed below are things you will need to know and will provide an informed view of all SEO.

Fact: Without Search Engine Optimisation Services and Search Engine Submission Services Less than 1% of all Internet Users will find your website

Organic listings (or free) are extremely important and to totally dismiss them is not doing your business justice. We agree in paid listings (Cost Per Click) as dollar for dollar at the moment it is one of the most effective forms of advertising, but also in trying everything possible to establish free listings should be a priority! It is always nice to get something for free!

The importance of correct practices and a managed submission service for your website cannot be understated.

  • A search engine listing strategy will result in increase traffic and increased revenue.
  • More people will find your site from Search Engines than any other way!

Increase your search engine rankings by utilising search engine optimisation services and search engine submission services.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is designing and writing your website so that there is a greater probability that your web pages will be listed with the major search engines and secondly, positioned near the top of search results when your prospective customers query your selected keywords and keyword phrases.

eSolutions experience has shown that the options listed on this page are some of the most important items when developing a successful search engine listing strategy for your website.

How will eSolutions and marketing optimise my website?

  • Performance measurement – we will work with you to define Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure performance of your keywords.  We do not just blindly optimise your website for you, we will show you the measurable results.  We have developed custom analytical software to help measure keyword Return of Investment (ROI).
  • Keyword research – Once KPI is defined for each of your products, we will optimise your pages to the keywords.  SEO is an ongoing process, however it is best not spent on doing SEO for keywords which provide negative ROI or have low search volume.
  • Web Traffic Optimisation – We have created a custom software to comprehensively measure and analyze traffic pattern for each of your page.  With the data we collect we will optimise each page towards the goal of reaching maximum KPI.   Reports will be generated that where we can help to make improvements to engage your visitors and optimise your visitor’s experience.
  • Social Media Optimisation – your web pages should also be optimised for social media.  We will develop a social media marketing strategy for you and integrate it with your web pages.  You will rank higher in most major search engines if your website is social media optimised.
  • Responsive Design – Google no long expects you to create a separate site for mobile.  It actually prefers a website making use of responsive design.  We can help you migrate your current site to a responsive design and optimise it for SEO.
  • Copy writing and keyword placement – keywords are placed into your web pages in sentence structure that makes sense.  With the latest Google algorithm updates, Google expects your contents to be human friendly yet keyword centric.  Do not get penalised by doing something that upsets Google, or you may run the risk of the website being excluded.
  • On-Page Optimisation – On-page optimisation involves the correct use of all the HTML tags to the Google’s “Best Practice”.  This is a process which requires you to correctly use the title tags, meta tags, H1, H2, H3 tags, image alt and title tags, and meaningful URL’s, etc.  This is important and needs to be correctly optimised for ALL your pages.
  • Reporting and action plans – we will make use of all the tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adwords reporting and our own custom developed software to analyse every aspect of your website, and create easy to understand reports and action plans to help with SEO.
  • Inclusion of Google and Bing sitemaps and Analytics
  • Link popularity development – link with reputable websites only
  • Keeping textual content updated on the main pages
  • Express paid inclusions – link to the page that is relevant to the ad
  • Inclusion to other larger search engines via manual submission

These are just some of the many elements that will enable you to have successful listing in Google and Bing. After that it is a matter of refining. Remember Google updates approximately once a month (check when your sitemap is downloaded), wait for a week and review your listings.

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