Today, eSolutions develops solutions that are individually tailored to each client. eSolutions experience in ecommerce has shown that not one solution is totally compatible for all.

For this reason we provide a range of products to suit the business and the budget. In short, we provide the expertise to position your business for success on the Internet and in the e-business environment.

Our role as project managers will ensure that the implementation schedule devised will operate to two of the most important items on the agenda:

  • On time
  • On budget

eSolutions structure ensures that the consultant that has the initial conference, will be your point of contact until the project is completed.

Great ideas can turn into a disaster without the best people managing your project. eSolutions believe in and implement best business practices for all projects.  The project management team have completed successful installations in manufacturing, retail, mining, industrial and information technology arenas where these organisations remain customers of eSolutions today.

Our mission statement incorporates excellence in the delivery of service and we pride ourselves on this, our commitment to excellence.

Talk to one
 of our consultants today on how we can best serve you or submit a request for quotation about your business requirements.

The Assessment Process

The length of an evaluation is dependent on each unique situation. During the assessment, our strategists work with you to:

  • Define your business goals
  • Determine your position in the marketplace vs. your competitors
  • Identify systems in place now and how you can better utilise your current environment
  • Prioritise future initiatives that can exploit new technologies
  • Develop specific solutions to lower your operating expenses, increase revenue and improve utilisation of resources
  • Provide an insight on how e-business is affecting your industry

To provide your business with a competitive advantage, contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities that our solution specialists can deliver.