WordPress & Artificial Intelligence

The hype around AI is getting stronger and stronger with developers hard at work putting pieces together to make websites and applications work quicker, better… smarter.

Recently we had a think tank meeting about this and where it could go to for the benefit of our customers.  Do we want products to be displayed as per keywords used is search, instead of related products, products that others did purchase or the ability to predict answers to questions… for us the answers were yes to all.

So we went looking to see who’s doing what and found that this space is still in it’s infancy but it is coming online quickly. Security, malware scanning and virus protection are leading the way which will filter to online applications and more next.

One tool that we did play with though was WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration which is a geo targeting sales campaign plugin which could be good if the product can be shipping direct from a supplier close by where a discount is realised. Recomendo is another that can be investigated… but all in all things are changing online for the better and over the next 12 months I’m sure there are going to be more tools that help to make it easier for customers to purchase and checkout quicker and easier online.

We are watching this space with great interest to provide our customers with the best solutions available in a very competitive marketplace.