WordPress Website Support Maintenance & Plugin Updates

Your website is now developed and looks fantastic, but did you know that WordPress plugins need updating on a monthly basis to maintain the websites security and integrity? At eSolutions we can manage this process for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • Website maintenance attracts new customers and ensures the content displayed for existing customers is relevant.
    • Google loves new or updated content as it shows to Google that the site is active and is looking to help customers..
    • Without updating the content, is users revisit they are not engaged and click off the site almost immediately.
  • Your website is the front door for customers looking for services that you provide and in many cases is the first interaction with your company, maybe a lot like if you are seeing eSolutions for the first time.

A website maintenance plan is one of keys to the ongoing success of your website. Maintaining content and updating images or products is essential to keeping customers coming back. It also helps to maintain search engine rankings in short your website requires maintenance.

Below you can view our website maintenance services, web maintenance rates and inclusions or please contact us for any special requirements.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Features Business SME
Support Ticketing
When you email your website update to our support system, your updates are automatically posted to the to-do list for one of our support developers.
One (Up to 1 hour of related support time is included. New development scripting is not included) Four (Up to 4 hours of related support time is included. New development scripting is not included)
Updates made during normal business hours (After hours, weekends & holidays not covered unless critical support issues are realised) Included Included
CMS Support Included Included
Email/Webmail Included Included
Turnaround Time
* Essential business critical support requests will be handled first
Two Business Days Max Two Business Days Max
WordPress CMS monthly upgrades / security patches. Security is of the utmost importance in these times. If your site has a shopping cart, content management system or other plugin installed, it needs to be updated as updates are released to protect the site from being exploited. Included Included
Monthly Investment $88 $297

Hourly Website Maintenance Rates

(Receives lower support ticket priority than the monthly maintenance packages)

For customers who don’t need the routine maintenance, we also offer web maintenance on an hourly basis. The web maintenance services include the same as our monthly plans, but they’re calculated by the hour.

Features Design & Support Development
Rates $88 $99
Billing Billed in 30 minute increments Billed in 30 minute increments


After Hours Support Plans

Looking for support out of normal business hours? We also offer after hours support plans that can work for your needs.

Features HTML & Basic CMS Sites CMS Driven Sites w/ Some Customisation
Criteria HTML or CMS sites with under 25 hours of development customisation CMS sites with between 25 hours and 150 hours of development customisation
Typically issue resolution time 2 to 3 hours 4 to 6 hours
Special after hours, weekend & holiday ticketing system (24/7/365 availability) Included Included
Monthly after hours, weekend and holiday support cost: (Up to 20 hours of developers time is included in each plan a month, hours beyond the included 20 hours are billed at $110 an hour) $330 per week $440 per week


What are Some Typical Website Updates?

As businesses grow, our website maintenance service ensures your site continues to meet your company’s needs. Examples of typical website updates include the following:

Overall Site Improvements

Your website’s most reliable performance appraisal is the one you receive from customers visiting your site. Questions, comments and suggestions generated from site visitors provides excellent feedback to improve the website. With our website maintenance packages, you can use these suggestions to enhance your site and your online performance.

Product / Service Updates

It is inevitable that your company will provide new services and products for your customers, which you will need to add to your site. Prices will change and products will need updates with old products and services will need to be removed and new products added. With website maintenance, you’ll get the most from your online business.

What’s Included in a Website Maintenance Plan?

Our packages include all the standard updates necessary to maintain a website. Examples of services included in our plans include*:

  • Text: Additions or deletions
  • Photos: Additions, deletions and basic retouching
  • Web pages: Additions or deletions using existing webpage design
  • Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation)
  • File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video
  • Links: Additions or deletions
  • Colour and Background Images: Changes / replacements
  • All Standard Support: Help with email set up, etc.

Billable Elements

Website changes that require more extensive design work are not covered under website maintenance plans. We’ll provide a quote for these changes when needed.

Examples of website changes that are billable and not covered under the website maintenance plans include*:

  • New Web Page Designs: Creation of web pages not based on the existing web page design of the site
  • Navigation restructuring or redesign: Extensive changes to the site’s navigation
  • Extensive/complex photo re-touching or manipulation

New Projects

Should your website update include a new component to your site, we will contact you to discuss.

Examples of new projects that are not covered under the website maintenance plans include:

  • New site functionality: Shopping carts, admin functions, etc.
  • Site redesigns: Sites reworked or changed
  • Search Engine Optimisation and PPC
  • New content writing